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SEVERE WEATHER ALERT - We have rescheduled pick-ups for WED, JAN 30th & THUR, JAN 31st to FEB 7th, 2019

Residential Trash Removal

Residential Trash Removal Services

$60 per quarter, ($20/mo) with no surcharges. Not an introductory offer.

Voted Montgomery County’s Favorite Trash Service for 3 Years in a Row!

As a homeowner, you are busy taking care of your family. There is no need to waste time hauling trash to the landfill. For just $20 a month – just 65 cents a day – you can arrange to have D&D Trash Service take care of this unpleasant task for you, leaving you free to spend time with your family and friends.

It’s not worth the hassle of loading your own vehicle with dirty trash, driving it to the landfill, waiting in line and paying the landfill prices when you can get your trash picked up at your home for such a low price. It’s neither cost effective or time effective to haul the trash off yourself.

Furthermore, a D&D 96-gallon trash cart is available. Call for pricing.

Trash Bag Allowance

You are allowed (6) 33 Gallon Bags, or (12) 13 Gallon bags per week.

Billing Cycle

We bill by the quarter. Which is $60.00 every (3) Months We require the first quarterly payment up front to start service. We do not bill monthly.

Large Pick-Ups

If you have a larger item to get rid of please contact our office 24 hours in advance at (765) 359-1610. No larger item pick ups on Holidays.

Do we service your area?


Do we service your area?


Voted Montgomery County’s favorite trash service for 3 consecutive years!